Wednesday, 02 January 2019

avatar Out with the old and in with the new!!!

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Speed of light? Pfft, we’ve got better than that! Some would call me spoilt and say nothing is ever enough, but why settle for something good when you could have something AMAZING. I love relaxing on a sunbed and trying out lotions, my favourite type of lotion is a pure accelerator, simple yet effective! A lot of people think accelerators are all the same, but they’re not at all. ProTan have some fabulous lotions but their new cream ‘Desirably Dark’... View Article

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

avatar Demo Eye-wear With Your Flashlight

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Do you struggle with ways to get your salon guests to wear eye protection for every tanning session? Here’s a unique solution! When faced with a tanner who says, “I don’t wear eye protection”, pick up a small flashlight and say, “See this?  It’s a small flashlight.  Close your eyes.  Can you see the light through your lids?” The salon guest will squint; the light from a tiny flashlight held a few feet from the eyes is amazingly bright! Then... View Article

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

avatar Hyper for Hypo!

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Sensitive skin? Constantly having breakouts? Me too! I love using sunbeds and trying many different types of tanning accelerators, however if I use anything fragranced my skin flares up and I get the most annoying rash. I have been looking for a lotion that can guarantee me a sun kissed golden glow but also save my skin from becoming uncomfortable and itchy! When I tried ProTan’s NEW Hypoallergenic it was like a breath of fresh air… Fragrance free, Nut free,... View Article

Friday, 17 August 2018

avatar Its not what you Know… It’s who you See!

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Recently at Bliss we have all had a refresher in the importance of Eye Protection and why we SHOULD all be doing it! Protecting our Eyes should be high on everyone’s agenda, but it is particularly important when it comes to UV rays whether this outdoors in the Sun or at your favourite tanning salon, why risk damage to your eyes when you have so many options… you may look a little bit daft but who cares when it comes... View Article

Wednesday, 09 May 2018

avatar Salty Kisses All Day Long!

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Imagine owning a product that will prolong the beautiful tan you have worked so hard for as well as stimulating melanin production ready for your next tanning session! Fiesta Sun’s brand-new Tan Extending Moisturiser ‘Salty Kisses’ provides intense hydration due to a variety of amazing skin care ingredients. Hydration is key when trying to prolong your tan, rejuvenating Cucumber and Raspberry Water helps to retain moisture while conditioning and hydrating your skin, not only does this ensure your tan lasts... View Article

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

avatar Karat me quick!

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I’ll always remember those holidays in Spain when I was young. My mum used to buy the cheapest bottle of Carrot Oil from the nearest souvenir shop and absolutely cake herself in it, everyone always swore by Carrot Oil! I grew up to love the stuff until I started working in the tanning industry where I learned all about all the amazing science that goes into UV tanning creams that will not only give you a glorious tan, but care... View Article

Thursday, 08 March 2018

avatar Which Goddess are you?

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Tanning Season is coming, Winter is behind us… well hopefully! It’s time to start building that tan ready for the Summer. Tan Incorporated have got FOUR fabulous answers to that age-old question everyone is asking… What will make me a bronze Goddess? Get Beach & Bikini ready with Black Cocoa Colada, 200X black bronzers with Rum extract will give you the confidence to flaunt your darkest tan yet! A rich attention-grabbing glow will make sure all your finest assets are... View Article

Friday, 23 February 2018

avatar Chic Physique – The Fashionably Fit Lacquer Collection

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Spring is fast approaching & China Glaze have got a shade to suit whatever the weather! Team up your New Year’s resolution to get Beach Body ready with the perfect shade. Whether its ‘Athlete Chic’, ‘Glamletics’ or ‘At Your Athleisure’ you have your own style, some like to ‘Werk It Honey’ some ‘Bodysuit Yourself’ and other ‘Activewear Don’t Care’. I like to ‘Get It Right, Get It Bright’ or be a ‘Girl On The Glo’. ‘Pilates Please’ I much prefer... View Article

Friday, 09 February 2018

avatar Buzzing our way into Spring

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We all know Spring is coming when we hear the buzzing of bees in the air. I love the way flowers start to bloom and everyone starts looking forward to the Summer! The first thing I do when the air gets warmer is go for a sunbed, I love to be tanned during the warmer months and Fiesta Sun have brought out the perfect lotion to help us feel ready for Spring. Fiesta Sun’s NEW Honey Berry Buzz is a... View Article

Tuesday, 02 January 2018

avatar Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…

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Ahoy! We are introducing Fiesta Sun’s NEW Seaside Collection! Get down and get salty on the sunbeds with these salt-tastic lotions! ‘You Me and the Sea’, a pure dark tanning intensifier, ‘Sea you Later’, a perfectly Dark streak free Natural Bronzer and ‘Seas The Day’, the intense Ultra Dark Bronzer with DHA that will make your life and your tan extraordinary. Everyone knows that Sea Salt is natures best healer, I found this out during my childhood. Those days down... View Article