Pro Tan & Fiesta Sun 2018 Catalogue - A Bliss Promise

Bliss are proud to announce that their leading brands have made their way in to your salons just in time for New Year!

Pro Tan and Fiesta Sun are and always will be two of the most recognised brands in the tanning industry which is why they have their very own preview catalogue.  Featuring brand new lotions within Pro Tan Saturnia and Fiesta Sun Fruity Scentsations, new introductory offers and package deals this catalogue is a sneak peek of what Bliss will bring to 2018.

The Bliss team are extremely excited to welcome a brand new and exclusive collection into Fiesta Sun.  The Seaside Collection will be available from Bliss and will include three very unique new lotions, one to suit every tanning need.


Ellie Hubbard’s blog: Buzzing our way into Spring

We all know Spring is coming when we hear the buzzing of bees in the air. I love the way flowers start to bloom and everyone starts looking forward to the Summer! The first thing I do when the air gets warmer is go for a sunbed, I love to be tanned during the warmer months and Fiesta Sun have brought out the perfect lotion to help us feel ready for Spring. Fiesta Sun’s NEW Honey Berry Buzz is a Royally Dark Bronzer with Skin Firming and Smoothing, an amazing lotion to kick start your Summer tan.

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