An Introduction

At Bliss we are committed to providing you with all the training to ensure you and your team are knowledgeable and able to advise customers confidently to obtain the tan they desire.

Every year, our team is trained by an international group of experts from each brand we carry, meaning that we know the latest advances in formulations and how each and every lotion we supply works. We like nothing better than to show off our knowledge and pass this on to you!

We are fully aware of the current legislation and regulations for our industry – we wholly support safe, responsible tanning and can’t impress enough how important this is to running a successful business. We can support all our customers with this information – simply enquire when ordering to book onto one of our training courses.

Sunless Seminar

During the Sunless seminar, we examine how spray tanning and self tanning products work, the key ingredients they use and also how and when they should be applied. Equipment and maintenance of equipment is also considered before beginning the practical part of the workshop, where learners can take part and perform a spray tanning treatment, discovering useful tips and techniques along the way.

UV Session

In the UV session you can learn about skin types and how to provide the correct advice on tanning sessions and which creams to use, as well as understanding how UV lotions themselves work and the key ingredients which assist the tanning process and look after the skin. Regulations, legislation and health and safety are discussed in detail, and we also offer advice on salon marketing, sales techniques and building brand performance.

Bliss is an active member of The Sunbed Association.

We recommend that all operators join and obtain a copy of the Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note and The Sunbed Code of Practice.