WHITE to BROWN New Launch 

Those of you following our Facebook posts over the past few months are no doubt aware that something very special has been happening to the WHITE to BROWN range.  The brand has embraced many changes over the last 12 months to ensure that the launch captured everyone's imagination.  

With the expanded product range, fantastic tanning products with newly enhanced ingredients, an enhanced fragrance and a simple to understand range.  

Call the Bliss team now to get more details.

Prepping your client

We often get asked in our training sessions about what should be supplied before a spray tan treatment - disposables or their own underwear? Sticky feet or a towel? And are face masks really necessary? Here are some of our top tips to ensure you give the best professional pre-treatment around...

  • Providing somewhere for the client to change comfortably is so important for creating a good impression. Also have somewhere and something for them to hang their clothes - the floor is not a good option!
  • Offering disposables does ensure a more professional finish, particularly essentials like foot stickers. These can be fairly costly but they ultimately help to minimise dirty soles which can still occur even when using a towel on the base of your cubicle. They will also boost your health and safety credentials too and stop clients from slipping into spray positions.
  • Other disposables like thongs, bras and hair nets are useful but not necessarily essential; if you're struggling to build these into the cost of your treatment then ask your client to to wear the appropriate underwear/clothing to the session, and also bring something to keep back or cover their hair.
  • Finally, ALWAYS provide a protective mask or a set of nose plugs - these should definitely not be scrimped on! Inhaling excess overspray can be very uncomfortable for the client , even causing faintness or an asthma attack. As a professional techician, you should also wear one of these throughout the treatment.

Bliss provide a selection of disposables and consumables for spray tanning. Contact one of the team for further advice for your salon.