Your skin tans in this sequence:

Determining a client’s skin type is essential in ensuring that you provide your customer with the correct advice on tanning. Our natural skin colour is influenced by the pigments within the skin and the presence and amount of melanin. Individual skin tones can be divided into six main categories:

People with very fair/sensitive skin and often with red/strawberry blond hair and freckles, pale blue, pale grey or pale green eyes. People who hardly or never tan.
Recommendation: These customers should NOT tan on a sunbed or outdoors. We would recommend that they review our Sunless offering.

People with fairish skin who usually burn and sometimes tan. Tend to have light hair, blue or brown eyes.
Recommendation: The EU Scientific Committee on Customer Products states that people with skin types 1 and 2 should NOT proceed with UV tanning.

People with brownish/white skin who tan fairly easily but can burn if overexposed. Even though they tan easily, they should understand that they can still burn, especially without a base tan.
Recommendation: Although these customers tan easily they should respect the fact that they still burn.

People with dark skin who tan easily and hardly ever burn, but even so need to be careful that they don’t go through prolonged over exposure.
Recommendation: These customers tan easily but should never have more than the full recommended session time.

There are skin types 5 and 6, 5 being naturally brown skin and 6 being naturally brown/black skin. Generally customers wishing to use sunbeds will fall into skin types 3 and 4.


Enables you to feel and see your tan working immediately. Ingredients help stimulate rapid circulation on the surface of the skin, creating an extreme redness and warming/tingling sensation to enhance the intensity and appearence of a tan.

Tingle factors vary from range to range, giving you a moderate to extreme tingle. The effect is temporary and can last up to several hours.

Warning: We recommend testing a small area of the skin before using a tingle product. Tingle products should not be used by beginner tanners or those with sensitive skin. Never use a tingle product outdoors.

Cooling Lotion

Helps you achieve your desired tanning results while helping your skin feel cool.


A bronzer is a product with natural ingredients that provide colour to the skin. Lotions containing bronzers will enable people to achieve greater results from their tanning experience, sometimes more quickly. There are three main types of bronzer:

  1. DHA Bronzers
    A DHA (dihydroxyacetone) bronzer does not require any UV light stimulation to produce a tan. These bronzers work by reacting to certain proteins on the surface layers of your skin. DHA takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to fully develop and should always be applied in circular motions. Always wash hands after use when using a product that contains DHA bronzers.
  2. Cosmetic/Instant Bronzers
    As the name suggests, these bronzers provide immediate colour but will wash away after showering or when you come into contact with water. When using a lotion that contains these bronzers, you will see an initial colour so have the added benefit of a bronzed tan instantly. 
  3. Natural Bronzers
    A natural bronzer enhances the skin's natural tanning potential by utilizing agents tha toccur naturally, and some of these ingredients include Walnut Oil, Kola Nut, Caramel and Carrot Oil.


Moisturisation is essential in the tanning process. Accelerators are specifically formulated to condition the skin whilst replenishing essential vitamins. In addition to providing moisture, most accelerator lotions carry ingredients that trigger the melanocyte cells to produce more melanin. This in turn is what helps you tan quicker. When you see this symbol, it confirms that these products have no tingle or bronzer properties. 

Key Ingredients

UV lotions contain an abundance of rich, moisturising ingredients that nourish the skin during the tanning process. Here are some of the most popular and the benefits they provide:

Acai Berry – A popular antioxidant which can help restore the skin’s resiliency and elasticity

Aloe Vera – A healing and soothing extract for exceptional skin hydration

Cocoa Butter – Contains natural antioxidants and has a velvety texture; the emollient properties make it ideal for superb silky skin

Coconut Oil – A great moisturiser that aids dry skin

Evening Primrose Oil – Helps replace moisture lost in UV exposure, while helping to promote a longer lasting tan

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Known for generations not only for its healing properties but also as a natural moisturiser that penetrates deep into the skin, softening the skin tissue and regenerating skin cells

Grape Seed Extract – Helps prevent damage to the skin

Hemp Seed Oil – Widely used in skincare products, this natural moisture does not clog pores and is a great antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory properties and can also work to even the skin tone

Kukui Butter – Easily absorbed, it contains fatty acids to restore and revitalise for healthy skin

Monoi de Tahiti Oil – A natural concentrated emollient, it works to penetrate and rehydrate the skin whilst shielding from external damage

Vitamin A – Improves tone, elasticity and smoothness

Vitamin C – Fights free-radical damage and assists in the creation of collagen for younger looking skin

Vitamin E – Promotes vibrant, healthy, younger looking skin

Vitamin F – Has 3 essential fatty acids that lock-in moisture