Every year, tens of thousands of people in the UK flock to sunny climes to enjoy a well-deserved break and achieve that perfect tan. As tanning specialists, we provide a broad spectrum of lotion and spray protection from some of the skincare leading brands.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.  This indicates the degree of protection provided by the product.  A higher SPF value indicates more protection from UV radiation.

SPF lotions contain ingredients that when applied, prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating the skin.  They work either by absorbing or reflecting solar energy.

Recent developments in photo-stability have led to new ingredients with photo-stable UV components and stabilising ingredients.  High SPF sunscreen formulas contain blends of more than one sunscreen because no single chemical is capable of absorbing all UVB radiation.

Always carry an assortment of products with varying SPF numbers.  Most clients will buy a selection, especially when going on holiday.  Certain parts of the body also require special care, such as noses and lips.

Bliss stock a number of SPF ranges; simply enquire when ordering for further information.