Lamps & Parts

The foundation for success lies in your tanning equipment and lamps. At Bliss, we offer lamps by supplied by leading manufacturers – simply enquire when ordering for a quote.

Operating with 0.3 Lamps

The new maximum irradiance level of 0.3W/m2 (watts per metre squared) is now applicable to all UV equipment in the UK tanning industry and throughout Europe.

This level is deemed to be the safe level for UV tanning equipment either bought from new or already in service. Operating UV tanning equipment that complies with this directive has become more important than ever, with a number of local authorities now regularly testing equipment. It is the responsibility of the salon owner to ensure that all equipment complies with these regulations even if the unit is on a lease or rental plan from a supplier.

If you are not already compliant with the directive then we strongly advise you consider the change over. In most cases this will simply involve you retubing your beds with compliant lamps. Bliss can offer you the best selection of lamps and also advice to help you along the way. 

How a Lamp Tans

Light is produced artificially by causing an electrical charge to oscillate. The electrical charge to the element causes the electron streams to excite the mercury vapour in the glass tube. The phosphorus (luminopher) coating changes the mercury composition into ultra violet light. The glass tube acts as a filter and luminates.


Lamp Recycling

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, a term that covers a wide range of equipment which all contains important materials that can be recycled. Sunbed lamps are included in this group. The price of recycling your lamps is now included in when ordering new lamps. This is required by law and means you can then take these lamps to a recycling centre to be disposed of safely and within the regulations.

Bliss can also supply and help you identify parts for your sunbed, from acrylics and capacitors to conversion kits and control systems. Please call for pricing.