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avatar Bliss Directory 2019/2020 – It’s that time again….

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Tanning season is here with a bang as we launch the 2019/2020 Bliss Directory! Our 23rd edition brings more new lotions and retail offerings than ever before.

With so many quality lotions and amazing deals to choose from take a look at my personal highlights. A quick A-Z for season 2019…


Accelerator Deal – Check out this fantastic offer showcasing Pro Tan’s best selling Accelerators. A deal we know everyone has been waiting for!

Beaches & Creme – Launched by Pro Tan in February 2019 this accelerating Tanning Butter with Carrot Oil and Mushroom Extract has already caused a stir.

CBD Virtue – The CBD infused products in this range are a fantastic way to add additional retail sales to your business. With so many different health benefits these products are definitely worth stocking.

Displays – Keep an eye out for our range of eye catching retail displays. Many come free as part of our money saving package deals!

Education – Bliss offer exciting UV lotion and salon sales training at our Leeds office free of charge throughout the year. Maximise your profits by investing in your team.

Fashionably Hot – Pro Tan have warmed us up again with a Heated Bronzer in the ‘Saturnia Collection’. If you loved Totally Baked check this one out.

Gold – Tannymaxx have added to the popular Gold line from 2018 with two NEW products for men! One with a bronzer and one without.

Hula Hottie – This tingle bronzer from the NEW Tan ASZ U range is sure to be a hit with those tingle lovers out there.  Check out the rest of this bronzer intensive line now.

Incredibly Black – Year after year this 10x Double Dark Bronzer stays in Bliss’ top 5 best-selling products. With so many tanners loving this lotion it’s got to be one of the best!

Just because – I wanted to make sure I’d mentioned Beaches & Crème again! If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. Make sure you look out for more additions to the line as the year goes on…

Karat – Body Butters success in 2018 is followed up by 3 new product additions to the Karat line; Gel, Bronzer & Tingle versions are now available.

Lamps – We offer all the latest in UV lamp technology. We support Responsible Tanning and are more than happy to assist you in choosing the best lamps for your business.

Men Maximizer – The Burberry inspired packaging, the masculine fragrance and the added Wheat Beer Extract make this lotion an essential for the growing male tanning market.

Natural – Devoted Creations have extended the White 2 Black range again this season with a gorgeous Natural Bronzer. White 2 Black fans are sure to love this new addition.

Onyx – The ever popular Onyx Collection is back for another year. Super Black Onyx and Black Onyx Tingle remain a staple for the discerning tanner.

Pure – X Power Pure by Power Tan arrived with us late in 2018 but proved popular from the off. The straight accelerating lotion smells fresh and tans great!

Quartz – Check out Hempz amazing new moisturiser Citrine Crystal & Quartz. This daily moisturiser feels amazing on your skin and smells even better.

Record Keeping – Don’t forget Bliss supply everything you need to keep your client’s data and records. From salon software to GDPR compliant client cards we have everything you need to monitor your business.

Seaside – The Fiesta Sun ‘Seaside Collection’ features Tattoo Colour Fade Technology, an indoor/outdoor formula and Sea Salt, acting as an Antibacterial! There are so many benefits in each lotion.

Tingle Drops – These drops from Swedish Beauty can be added to your usual lotion to give an additional tingling sensation. A must for all tingle lovers!

Unicorn – If you don’t think of the NEW moisturiser ‘Made of Magic’ whenever someone mentions a Unicorn you clearly haven’t tried it! Check out this Tattoo protecting, tan extending, super hydrating moisturiser by Pro Tan, it really is made of magic.

Violet – Violet tones have been a big hit with bronzer fans, White 2 Black Violet is certain to sell well again this season.

Winkease – Available in Classic, Gold and Lash Room versions, if you’re looking for disposable eye wear look no further.

Xtra Classic – Tannymaxx have repackaged and reformulated their Classic line for 2019. Coconut or Mango? With or without bronzer? The choice is yours.

You, Me & the Sea – The best-selling accelerator in the Seaside Collection is still a firm favourite for all clients, from beginner tanners to the harden bed lovers.

Ocean Waterz – If Supre can use artistic license with the letter Z then so can I. This deep detoxifying bronzer with Pink Pomelo and Himalayan Sea Salt has been an instant hit with our team so we’re sure you’ll love it!

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