Friday, 21 June 2013

avatar Mid-Season Launch – Save The Date

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Details have just been released on an exciting new product due to be launched by Devoted Creations later on this year. Save The Date is a fast-acting, transfer resistant bronzer created for those who need to look flawless in a flash and it promises to deliver a dark radiant colour within 4 hours. It includes a BB cream within its unique formula to hydrate, prime and perfect the skin. This also helps to mask imperfections and give an overall even... View Article

Thursday, 20 June 2013

avatar Dress Up Disaster

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Here at Bliss, we like to think of ourselves as ‘ tanning experts’. We are always on hand to give advice and tips to customers and friends alike. It is therefore slightly embarrassing (but also a little amusing) when one of us makes a tanning faux pas, so for my blog this month I have decided to come clean and share my latest blunder… As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the sun is finally shining and we are all able to... View Article